If you are remodeling a kitchen, you might want to consider swapping out the existing sink for a different style, particularly if your client isn’t happy with the functionality of the current one. You should keep in mind the design plan for the kitchen remodel, a new sink could be just what you need. Here is a look at five styles to look at before you make your final selection.

  • Classic Drop-in

A classic style, the drop-in kitchen sink is available in standard sizes. It is designed to fit into an existing opening. This style is commonly used in traditional kitchens featuring tiled countertops.

  • Under-mount

The under-mount style of sink is designed to deliver a streamlined appearance. It sits slightly below the height of the kitchen countertop and features a lip that covers the edge of the countertop where it meets the sink. This style allows your client to sweep up crumbs and other types of food debris directly into the sink, offering user-friendly functionality.

  • Flush-to-the-Tile

Choosing a flush-to-the-tile sink for the kitchen optimizes the appearance of your countertop, and, therefore, of the kitchen itself. Instead of drawing the eye toward the edge of the sink, the focus remains on the coloring and pattern of the countertop. Plus, this style of kitchen sink makes it so easy to wipe crumbs, peelings, and other types of food debris into the sink for removal in the garbage disposal.

  • Traditional Farmhouse

A traditional style offering exceptional functionality, the farmhouse style is larger than most other types of kitchen sinks. It provides depth and width, allowing users to stand close to it without interference from countertops or cabinetry.

  • Prep

While the prep sink only makes sense in a large kitchen, it delivers exceptional functional when getting ready for large gatherings and celebrations. It also eases the clutter of baking cookies, large meals, and decadent desserts. The prep sink is actually just a secondary sink designed to assist homeowners in preparing food.


The opportunity to install a new kitchen sink shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re remodeling a kitchen. You might find your client pleased with a higher level of functionality along with the upgraded kitchen’s appearance.