Today’s designers are taking inspiration from kitchens of the past. By mixing vintage features with efficient modern appliances, you can create a fun and functional room. Explore five ways to add vintage touches to your client’s kitchen.

White Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have dominated in recent years, and the trend can seem ubiquitous. While freshening up the kitchen with white appliances that evoke the past, you can also compete for energy efficiency with modern refrigerators and dishwashers. White appliances complement white cabinets – another popular choice, creating a seamless kitchen.

Farmhouse Sink

Oversized farmhouse sinks are a lovely addition to any retro kitchen. Farmhouse sinks are much deeper than traditional sinks, so you can store much more. These large sinks, often made from enamel, let you wash up after a feast or clean a turkey for your Thanksgiving meal. Since you can stand right next to the sink rather than lean over the kitchen counter, your back will thank you.
You can find farmhouse sinks, a.k.a apron sinks, at all major suppliers, thanks to the popularity of the vintage kitchen trend. Choose a single or double bowl depending on your client’s taste.

Faux Tin Ceilings

Patterned tin roof panels are a favorite retro decor idea, but the real thing can be pricey. Tin ceilings are so beloved because they add visual design to an often overlooked area of the home.
Faux tin panels recreate the look of old tin ceilings for less, and come in hues including white, silver, bronze, and copper. If you’re on a budget, get false tin ceiling panels; if you’re after the real deal look for metal stamping companies or shop antique and salvage stores. While they are known as tin panels, you will find these decorative ceiling panels in steel, aluminum, and copper as well.

Subway Tile

For the backsplash, use chic white subway tiles, a long-favorite material. Originally developed for use in subway stations, where you will still see it, the tile is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The 3-inch by 6-inch rectangular tile is very popular, which makes it easy to find at tile centers.

Flea Market Finds

Vintage stores, flea markets, and online marketplaces let you shop for the perfect retro touches for your client’s kitchen. Whether it’s a fun set of food storage canisters or a diner-style banquette. These little touches add personality to the kitchen, which helps keep the room from feeling flat.
Let your own personal taste guide you toward finding the right retro pieces for you. You might choose fun yet functional pieces, such as old dessert molds or copper pots. Or you might look for something to use for room decor, like vintage china to hang on the wall.
When done right, a vintage-inspired kitchen can blend the convenience of modern appliances & fixtures with charming trends from decades ago. Let these design ideas inspire your kitchen remodeling.