Whether abstract or more defined, kitchen wall art can immediately uplift the mood of the space, bringing more to its aesthetics than the pile of bills or the pots and pans leftover from dinner. Kitchen decor provides a nice conversation piece for guests and adds to the color scheme and the interior look and feel of the room. Moreover, hanging wall art in the kitchen personalizes the space, adding an interesting and memorable landscape to walls for all to see and enjoy.

Where Kitchen Wall Art Works Best

Your client’s primary home or vacation abode will work equally well with some new art for the walls. The layout of the kitchen largely determines where the wall art will look the best. The kitchen appliances, cabinets, windows, and doorways tend to take up a good deal of the available space for wall décor, leaving behind some walls and corners of the room. Fine art prints for kitchens would look lovely on the wall closest to the dining area, giving family and guests a pleasant view during mealtime. Kitchen wall art also works well on open walls above counters or adjacent to neighboring rooms. Choose petite wall art for smaller spaces like corners and more substantial pieces or a series of small ones for sprawling, open walls.

Kitchen Wall Art for Every Style

From a photographic style to the more conceptual, you can find just the right kitchen wall art for the space. Consider eye-catching styles featuring mirrors that reflect the light throughout your home. Textured selections available in paper form, glass, or even canvas add dimension to your room. You can blow up client’s personal photos or find prints for kitchens that incorporate the room’s existing color scheme, picking up on favorite hues throughout the area. Give thought to the designs they would like to see while cooking or eating and make them a part of your space, like uplifting watercolor prints or the inspirational eye charts. The vast array of creative designs and color palettes lends simple interior design to one of your client’s favorite rooms.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Wall Art

Scour the space visually to determine the best places for hanging wall art in the kitchen. Once you’ve narrowed down a few spots, take some measurements and remember to leave a few inches of space on either side of the intended wall art. Next, give some thought to your favorite style and subject of art, be it abstract watercolors, topographical prints, photographs, word art, and so forth. Narrow down a style and a color scheme. Finally, select the desired medium and frame options to match the artwork, if needed, to complete the kitchen’s aesthetic.

Getting Creative in the Smaller Kitchen

If you find that wall space is available only at a premium in the kitchen, you may need to get a little creative with the art. Consider hanging smaller framed photos or art prints in an offset collage. Turn to the inside of cabinet doors with a chalkboard or memo board where you can write down your meal plans, shopping list, and the family’s schedule for the week. Finally, don’t forget that you can use the refrigerator as an art canvas. Hang up magnetic photos or let kids have a blast making artwork they can proudly display for all to see.

Other Great Options

If your clients like the look and feel of fine art prints for kitchens, you may also appreciate other unique accents that add personality to their home. Give some thought to rustic chandeliers, offering a theme of outdoorsy charm and attractive lighting in a look that won’t soon be forgotten. Likewise, vintage chandeliers command attention as a visual centerpiece of the room, featuring multiple designs to consider and dazzling individual bulbs for the perfect light scatter. Finally, entryway lighting makes a bold and brilliant statement for your hellos and goodbyes, delivering opulence through a fixture that is as elegant as it is useful. Any of these new lighting options will brighten up their spaces, brilliantly enhancing the atmosphere of your clients’ home.