Black kitchen cabinetry can produce a sophisticated look in any kitchen. However, when designing a kitchen with black cabinetry, you need to make sure to combine lighter elements with that black kitchen cabinetry for the best look.

Open Shelving

One excellent way to keep a black kitchen from looking and feeling too dark is to use open shelving. You can install open shelving all around the kitchen instead of upper cabinetry or merely select a specific area for the shelves. A great spot for open shelving is on both sides of the sink or both sides of the stove area. You can paint the shelving black or stay with a lovely natural wood tone. To add more brightness to the kitchen, include lighting under the shelves.

White Countertops

Choosing white counters always provides a fabulous contrast to black cabinetry and will keep your kitchen design looking elegant. A quartz countertop that’s all white with a hint of sparkle in it is a superb choice that will look great in a contemporary design. Or you can choose a gorgeous marble countertop with dark gray veining for a more classic look. You can also combine the looks, using white quartz for the main countertops and marble for the kitchen island for a stylish appearance.

Hardwood Flooring

A hardwood floor with a light or medium gray tone in a matte finish will produce a very modern look in a kitchen with black cabinetry. For additional warmth in the space, a light oak finish will also look marvelous with black kitchen cabinets. If you want a floor that makes a statement in your kitchen design, try a high-gloss finish on a hardwood floor that contains a hint of red and black throughout. Such a choice will coordinate beautifully with black cabinetry.

Brick Backsplash

To add texture to your kitchen design, you can install a red brick backsplash. Since this is quite an intense look, limit the area where you use it. For example, place this type of backsplash on the wall behind the stove to give your kitchen design a stunning look without overwhelming the space. To tone down the look a bit, you can use a gray-toned brick. Or you can combine the looks, using the red shade to create a focal point in the kitchen, and then use the gray shade elsewhere.

Kitchen Appliances

For a continuous flow and a sleek look, choose black stainless steel appliances. If all that black feels overwhelming along with the black cabinetry, then choose traditional stainless steel to lighten the overall appearance. You can also combine white and black appliances in your kitchen design for a distinctive look. Choose black for the microwave, stove, and dishwasher to blend in with the cabinetry. Then you can opt for a large, high-end white refrigerator to add contrast.

When designing with black kitchen cabinetry, the key to making the design work is to combine the black cabinets with light accents and to add texture. If you do this, you will create a sophisticated and elegant look that clients will love.