When a client is looking for a custom kitchen design that stands out from the ordinary, a designer sometimes needs to think outside of the typical design standards. One way to give a client a distinctive-looking kitchen is to use multi-colored cabinetry.

This type of design can include using one color for select cabinets and another color for other cabinetry. However, a more exciting look consists of using multiple colors on every cabinet door and drawer. Shaker-style cabinetry, in particular, lends itself perfectly to this type of color-combining scheme because of its clean and classic look.

Kitchen Cabinetry with Two Shades of the Same Color

One fabulous choice is to use two shades of the same color on the kitchen cabinetry. For example, you could use a darker shade of gray for the cabinet frames and a lighter shade of gray for the center panel. This color scheme will work well for a contemporary look. For a more traditional appearance, you could try a beige color for the frames and a tan or dark brown shade for the center panels. A fabulous look with transitional d├ęcor would be to use a deep blue on the cabinet frames and a lighter blue on the center panels. In a small kitchen, to create a bright design that will pop, you can use bold yellow frames with pastel yellow center panels.

Kitchen Cabinetry with Two Contrasting Colors

Often contrasting colors in a kitchen will produce a look that truly catches the eye. One such example would be to use black on the cabinet frames and white on the center panels. This color combination creates a great modern look in a home. Opting for brown cabinet frames with sage-colored center panels is also an attractive look that you can use in a kitchen. For something a bit more traditional, you can use white frames and choose a lovely yellow or blue for the center panels. For a client who’s not afraid to go bold, a look that truly stands out in a kitchen is black cabinetry frames with red center panels or orange frames with dark green center panels.

Kitchen Cabinetry with a Kaleidoscope of Colors

Using more than two distinct colors on kitchen cabinetry can present the greatest challenge for a designer but can also produce a unique look. One way to do this is to select a neutral color for the frames such as white, black, or gray. For the center panels, you can choose different shades of the same color and alternate the pattern or use one color for the upper cabinetry and another for the lower and a third for the island, for example. You can also use a variety of pastel colors for the center panels to create a fun-looking pattern throughout the kitchen or merely in select areas such as on the island or a bank of cabinetry off to the side.

When designing unique and colorful looks for a client, your options are almost limitless. With a little imagination, you can use multiple cabinetry colors to create a design that will awe your client and give them a custom kitchen that they will love.