Kitchen Cabinet Panels

Assess Your Space

Before you start designing, think about the current style of the kitchen. Unless you’re remodeling the entire kitchen, it’s easier and more cost-effective to use cabinets with the matching style as the kitchen.

Consider Your Clients’ Needs

Do your clients have kids that are spilling things on the cabinets? Do they work with art projects in the kitchen? If so, you should go for a sturdy panel. Fussy softwoods may not be the best choice here. Traditional dark woods and glass-plated panels are better choices for them.

Plan for Convenience

No matter what people do in their kitchen – bake, cook, draw, or heat up take-out, they will always appreciate a convenient kitchen.
Ease of clean is the major factor for convenience. Cabinets panels with smoother surfaces and simpler decorations are easier to clean.
Build something that opens and closes easily. Consider cabinets with impeccable panels that don’t interfere with quick touch technology. Those can be opened by simply tapping the corner of the cabinet, and can be closed with a flick of a finger.


While it may sound obvious, you’ll need to consider your client’s budget. Pressboard, plain white cabinets are less expensive. They can stand up to basic wear and tear for several years. On the other hand, solid cherry wood panels can be at the top of the price spectrum. It’s important to understand your client’s budget before you even start picking cabinet panels. Make a list of three options at the top of the budget and three at the bottom. This will better help you find the middle ground.

Just Paint

If your clients existing cabinets are of good quality, consider just paint them. Clean them first, sand lightly and then paint. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and consider the same criteria for prefinished cabinets.