When deciding on kitchen cabinets, whatever style you choose won’t typically make the kitchen you’re designing look very different from any other using the same cabinet style. Therefore, designers often rely on color combinations and other features in the kitchen to create a unique look. However, you can also mix two different cabinet styles within the kitchen to create a distinctive and custom appearance.

Shaker and Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Shaker cabinets, which are the most common ones seen in kitchens, offer a clean look with their flat center inside a four-piece frame. They look equally fabulous in contemporary or country-modern kitchens. To add more interest to a kitchen with Shaker-style cabinetry, try mixing in a beadboard cabinet style. The vertical, narrow planks with the horizontal molding will create a lovely focal point in the kitchen. Use beadboard for the pantry cabinetry, for example, to achieve a look that will draw the eye.

Distressed and BeadBoard Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Another great combination of kitchen cabinet styles, especially for rustic or antiquely designed kitchens, is to install distressed cabinetry throughout the room and then use cabinetry with beadboard in the interior part of the door panels for the kitchen island. The worn corners and frames of the distressed style will give the kitchen a warm and welcoming look. Beadboard on the island, in a matching color, will coordinate well, while adding a custom look and feel to the entire area.

Inset and Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Styles

To design a kitchen with a luxurious and classic appearance, select inset cabinets, where the doors rest inside the frames. The inset style has a gorgeous and expensive look that never goes out of style. For a unique addition to this style, use louvered doors for the cabinets on each side of the range hood to make that area stand out from the rest of the kitchen. You can choose the same stain color for all of the cabinets or contrast light inset cabinets with darker louvered cabinets to create a bold look that any client will love.

Flat and Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Styles

For an ultra-modern look, combine flat kitchen cabinets with louvered ones for a stunning result. The simple, minimalist look of flat kitchen cabinets should make up the base of the overall style. Then you can use a louvered door style for the cabinetry on each side of the sink or for the pantry area to add charm. In any residence with a laundry closet in the kitchen, louvered cabinet doors are the perfect choice for that closet because the horizontal wood slats will allow for ventilation.

When designing a kitchen, many options exist for kitchen cabinets, and you don’t have to restrict yourself to using only one style. Once you select the base cabinet style for the kitchen, look at ways to introduce a second style that will add interest and still coordinate with your design. By combining kitchen cabinet styles, you can create a custom look that will elevate your design above the norm.