When designing a kitchen for a client, the cabinetry takes center stage because that is what fills the majority of the space. Even after installing gorgeous, quality cabinets, the look of the kitchen may still feel a bit lacking or ordinary. At that point, as a designer, it becomes your job to think beyond the ordinary. Numerous great ways exist that can help you highlight the look of the cabinetry to make the kitchen appear even more upscale and chic.

Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lights in the kitchen are a great way to combat a drab look. Adding lights beneath the cabinets will, of course, highlight the countertops and provide a bit of extra brightness at night. However, such a feature will also improve the overall appearance of the cabinetry when the lights are switched on and will make the cabinetry look more expensive. Lighting also works well inside any cabinets with a glass front, where the client may want to showcase crystal or other decorative pieces. Including recessed lighting on the ceiling that streams downward toward the cabinetry will create a lovely shine and improve the appearance of the cabinets, as well.

Colorful Backsplash

Choose a multi-colored backsplash with one color that matches the cabinetry exactly, and select coordinating hues for the rest of the colors. For large areas, limit the number of colors to two or three. For small areas, you can include more variety to increase interest. By incorporating the same color in the backsplash that you used for the cabinets, instead of the backsplash drawing attention away from the cabinetry, the design will come together, and the coordinating colors will enhance the entire bank of cabinetry in the kitchen, producing a gorgeous result.

Decorative Wallpaper

Place decorative wallpaper on the back panel inside each cabinet or merely in a select few, so when someone opens the door, the fabulous design becomes visible. Geometric patterns are always a good choice and will look trendy. Neutral colors work well and will remain in style the longest, while brighter colors will add extra panache. This additional touch will surprise and delight clients. Wallpaper looks especially nice inside glass-front cabinets that also include interior lighting and will add depth to your cabinet designs.

Bold Paint

If your kitchen design includes cabinets that do not go all the way up to the ceiling, paint the area above the cabinets an intense color that differs from the regular wall color. The paint will draw the attention upward, causing the entire space to feel more spacious, while also making the cabinetry look stunning and feel extra stylish. Painting the wall above the cabinets works best with cabinetry that is the same height throughout the entire kitchen space. If possible, select a color that you also incorporated into the backsplash to pull the whole look together.

To make an interior design stand out from the ordinary, you should always try to add in one or more small features that will highlight the item that takes up the majority of a space, which in the kitchen is the cabinetry. Doing this will cause the appearance of the cabinets to shine, and the outcome will wow everyone.