When designing a kitchen, the finishing touches can make the difference between a successful design and a flop. One item that you don’t want to overlook is the importance of your kitchen cabinet hardware. Knobs and pulls might not seem that important, but they actually can enhance or detract from your design significantly.

Wooden Kitchen Hardware

This choice will look fabulous in many types of homes, such as homes with traditional cabinetry, as well as homes with a country or rustic style. Selecting wooden knobs and handles that exactly match the wood of your cabinetry will always coordinate well. However, this choice will sometimes tend to look a bit boring. Instead, select a wood stain that varies slightly in color, so it stands out more in the design. Using hardware that combines wood with metal is another excellent choice to make the knobs and pulls more interesting.

Metal Kitchen Hardware

Knobs and handles with a metal finish can create a clean, sleek look in a kitchen. A variety of finishes exist so that you can find an option for almost any style. Antique brass looks dramatic with Old World or European designs. Chrome or brushed nickel will look beautiful in a contemporary kitchen. Gold hardware, which is making a comeback, will fit in nicely with any transitional style. You can even mix metal finishes. For example, use antique brass throughout most of the kitchen, and then use gold hardware on the panty or island cabinetry.

Colorful Kitchen Hardware

In a white kitchen or a kitchen where you have designed the cabinets in a particular color, you should consider using hardware that matches. Match the colors precisely for a seamless look or contrast colors for a more striking appearance. With white cabinetry, you have the option of using almost any color you want to make the d├ęcor pop. With navy blue cabinetry, you might want to select pale yellow or cream-colored hardware. With black cabinetry, choose red knobs and pulls to make a bold statement.

Artistic Kitchen Hardware

You can also make a unique choice for the kitchen cabinet hardware. Go with a decorative design that contains multiple colors. This style works exceptionally well for an otherwise plain-looking kitchen. You can also choose clear or tinted glass as a way to create an elegant style that stands out from the norm. Beyond color, instead of using rounded knobs, choose a square or oval design instead. You can also use hardware that combines glass and metal for a stunning look.

No Kitchen Hardware

Sometimes the best hardware is no hardware at all. In a tiny kitchen, often leaving off knobs and handles is an excellent choice and looks best. The kitchen will appear larger without anything sticking out from the cabinetry. With easy to open drawers and cabinets, this won’t present a problem, and the design of the kitchen will flow exceedingly well. In ultra-modern designs, with glossy cabinetry, no hardware also often looks best.


When redesigning a kitchen or even just updating the cabinetry, pay close attention to the hardware that you match with your design. The right choice can elevate the appearance of the cabinetry significantly and finish off your kitchen design to perfection.