For clients who want a kitchen design that reflects classic sophistication, a mid-century modern look is a fabulous option. This style of kitchen design became popular circa 1950 and is experiencing a resurgence in popularity today. The clean, straight lines of the mid-century modern style will offer a timeless look that should please even the most particular client.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Cabinetry and Hardware

The cabinetry in any kitchen design will always set the tone for the overall look. To create a fabulous mid-century modern appearance, you’ll want to install flat-panel cabinets either in white or a light-colored wood. You can also mix the look by using light-colored wood for the main kitchen cabinets and white for the kitchen island cabinetry or pantry. Complete the look with slim pull handles in chrome or nickel.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Wall Colors

A gorgeous white or cream-colored paint for the walls will work well with a mid-century modern kitchen design. This color will coordinate with the kitchen cabinetry without overwhelming the senses and pulling one’s attention away from the overall design. If you decide that you do want to infuse some color other than neutrals into the kitchen, create an accent wall. Use a popular mid-century modern color, such as tangerine or turquoise or even a pale yellow for a great look.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Countertops

To maintain the sleek look of mid-century modern design, stay with white countertops for the best result. White will coordinate with any other accent colors that you choose, and it will also keep the kitchen looking open and bright. A solid, white hue in quartz will work well for the main countertops. For the kitchen island, if you want a slightly different look, choose marble or granite with a very minimal design that will pick up the color of the kitchen cabinetry or the accent wall.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Appliances

For a truly classic look, use appliances with rounded corners in their design. Having a toaster and a refrigerator or a stove, for example, in this style will give your entire kitchen design a fabulous retro look that clients will love. You can also get these appliances in the same color as your accent wall as a great way to tie the overall look together. If colored appliances seem too bold, then a stunning white with stainless steel accents will provide an excellent look.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Flooring

Using hardwood floors in your design will always look beautiful, regardless of the kitchen style. However, mid-century modern kitchens typically have stone floors such as slate or travertine. Stay with a light color to coordinate best with the rest of the design. Another fantastic option is terrazzo flooring, which consists of an epoxy resin with chips of various materials in it, such as marble, quartz, granite, and even glass. Once polished and sealed, this flooring has a stunning look.

Make your kitchen design stand out from the typical contemporary or traditional styles with a classy mid-century modern look. From the kitchen cabinetry to the appliances, you can create an overall design that will impress and awe everyone who sees it.