When you design a kitchen island for a client, they don’t always want one that looks like every other island in the neighborhood. An excellent way to give them something distinctive-looking is to use cabinetry to your advantage. With kitchen cabinetry, you can create various gorgeous looks that will make your designs stand out from the norm.

Combine Glass with Cabinetry

You can design a stunning kitchen island using glass. On the end of the island that’s most visible, construct a cabinet with a glass front. Choose a standard square design or use a rounded-end design for a more custom look. Inside this cabinet, place multiple shelves and use lighting within to draw attention to the area. This cabinet can then become a space used for unique dishes, crystal, or collector items. Choosing a dark cabinet color for the entire island will make this lighted, glass-front feature look even more dramatic.

Incorporate a Baking Station with Cabinetry

Make your kitchen island design multifunctional by including a fabulous baking station, even if it’s just a small area. You can construct a lower level on one end of the island, especially for baking. Use the same countertop as the rest of the island for a seamless appearance or choose a different top for a more striking look. For example, use granite for the main island top and butcher block for the baking station. Beneath the baking station’s countertop, you should include drawers and cabinets to store baking appliances.

Split the Cabinet Area to Create More Storage

In your kitchen island design, use the majority of the cabinetry for storage as you usually would. But then, take a shallow portion on the outer side and create open shelving, just deep enough for recipe books, small canisters, or other specialty items. This shelving can also become a perfect place for formal dining accessories that aren’t often used and tend to get lost in the back of drawers, such as decorative napkins, napkin rings, and candles. Coordinating bar stools can still be placed in front of the shelves if desired.

Add a Banquette with Cabinetry

For kitchens with enough square footage, you can design a lovely banquette on the outer side of the island with bench seating. Beneath the bench seating, include storage that matches the rest of the island cabinetry. Leave the cabinetry free of pulls or handles for a smooth look. For greater accessibility, create a cabinet on each end that opens from the side instead of the front. You can also design an open cabinetry area on one end with a pet feeding station included. Clients with a dog or cat will fall in love with this feature.


When designing a kitchen island, think about multifunction uses as well as aesthetics for the best result. An island should offer ample storage, a comfortable work area, and be a place where people want to gather. By using kitchen cabinetry in a variety of ways, you can create unique and gorgeous designs that will more than satisfy any client.