To increase interest in your kitchen designs, you should consider using kitchen cabinets for more than just ordinary storage. One excellent option is to use cabinetry to create a beautiful and convenient coffee station in the kitchen.

Chic-Looking Kitchen Cabinet Styles for a Coffee Station

If you want the coffee station to blend in with the overall design, you should choose the same type of cabinetry and hardware as the rest of the kitchen. This choice will create a streamlined look that most clients will love. If you want the station to become more of a focal point in the kitchen, then select a distinctive look for the cabinetry. You can choose a cabinet with a darker wood stain, a different color of paint, or even just a completely different style of cabinetry and hardware altogether.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Layouts for a Coffee Station

Design a sturdy shelf to hold a coffee machine or even an espresso machine. Make sure there’s an electrical outlet available in the space, so nobody needs to move anything to plug it in. For added convenience, you can also install a pot-filler, so your clients don’t have to walk back and forth to get water. Another fabulous layout is to incorporate the kitchen counter into the coffee station and install a small sink. With this feature, your clients can get water for their pot and can also wash their cups, spoons, and hands while standing right there at the station. Also, an additional sink in a kitchen, even a small sink, will always add value, extra convenience, and interest to your kitchen design.

Efficient Kitchen Cabinet Storage for a Coffee Station

The top part of the coffee station should have one or more shelves. These shelves can be used to line up coffee mugs or espresso cups and pods. A client can even set up coffee recipe books or decorator items on one of the shelves. The bottom part of the coffee station should have a cabinet area and at least one drawer. This storage area can hold coffee packs, filters, creamer, sugar, spoons, and whatever else is needed.

Suitable Kitchen Cabinet Doors for a Coffee Station

Choose standard cabinet doors for the coffee station for a beautiful, coordinated look and to hide the coffee station when not in use. Or you can select to install easy-to-use pocket doors. These types of doors will slide out of the way and allow a client to leave the station open for convenience without the doors getting in the way. Then when not in use, the doors will slide closed to hide the area. You can also forego doors altogether in the design to keep the station open and accessible at all times.

Creating stations or zones with kitchen cabinetry will elevate your kitchen designs and make them stand out from an ordinary kitchen layout. To attract the most interest, you should always try to incorporate at least one exceptional feature that shows originality and creativity. Using kitchen cabinets in distinctive ways can allow you to do that and design unique looks that clients will appreciate.