Designing a small kitchen for a client can present challenges, like with a galley kitchen, for example. When creating a galley kitchen, adequate storage space is usually the main issue. However, you also want a spectacular look and the best functionality. So, choosing the correct layout and the type of kitchen cabinetry to use in your design is essential.

Incorporating Kitchen Cabinetry in a Galley Layout

To start, on one side of your galley kitchen design, against an outer wall, place the refrigerator, stove, and sink. On the opposite side, which will be interior to the living area, design a large pass-through. Make this area big enough so that it can double as a breakfast bar. Under the counter of the bar, you then install cabinetry in that area as you would with an island. Also, on one or both sides of the bar, install floor-to-ceiling cabinets that will serve as additional storage.

The Best Type of Kitchen Cabinetry in a Galley Layout

Because only a small amount of square footage is available, neutral colors are the best choice. White or light gray cabinets are always an excellent selection for a galley kitchen. Shaker or a flat panel design will work well. To keep the space looking streamlined, leave the cabinetry bare of hardware. Add style and interest by designing open shelving at the top of each cabinet. Including an arched design within this open area will soften the look. This design element will also add a touch of elegance to the cabinetry.

Matching the Kitchen Cabinetry in a Galley Layout

To coordinate the look throughout the entire space, you’ll need cabinetry on the opposite wall. On the side of the kitchen with the appliances, install upper and lower cabinets where space allows. For the upper cabinetry, try cabinets with glass or wire mesh fronts. Being able to see inside the cabinets will give the kitchen depth and keep it looking more spacious. Or you can even install open shelving instead, which will give the kitchen a chic appearance. Stay with the same color as the other cabinetry or another light, neutral color for the best overall look.

When Kitchen Cabinetry Still Isn’t Quite Enough

If the cabinets installed throughout the kitchen aren’t sufficient for your client, you have another option. You can run an open shelf above the kitchen window or over the pass-through. This shelf can then serve as additional storage or decorator space. If your client insists on a bit more color in the design, this is the perfect area to provide that. Paint the shelf a trendy color. And then, install a backsplash that incorporates that same color or a coordinating hue.

The importance and versatility of kitchen cabinetry make it one of the first things to consider in any kitchen design. With the right layout and cabinets, you can make even a small, galley kitchen appear stylish. So spend extra time when deciding on the best cabinetry to use when creating a kitchen for your clients. Doing so will ensure that the outcome is a design both you and your clients will admire.