When you’re a contractor or a designer, it’s not always easy to decide on the materials that you want in a kitchen. Such a decision can become especially hard when you’re planning what kind of cabinetry to use. Before you make a final choice about the type of RTA kitchen cabinets to install, you should always keep in mind the style of the home.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

For a home with a classic or traditional architectural style, cabinets constructed with a liberty arch door design will always look gorgeous. Select a rich cherry color for an elegant and timeless result. Alternatively, to add warmth to the kitchen, butterscotch-colored cabinets make an excellent choice. For a light and airy feeling, try a honey maple color instead.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

For a home with a modern look, a Shaker style cabinet design will add unsurpassed beauty to the interior. The sleek lines of this type of cabinet will not only look clean and lustrous, but the cabinetry is affordable to purchase and install. Opt for a stunning white or a light gray color for a trendy, updated appearance.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

If the home you’re designing for is not quite traditional, but it’s also not contemporary, you’ll want cabinetry that will coordinate well with both styles. A creamy tone or a light chocolate color that comes with a raised door design should prove versatile enough to match with either kind of interior décor.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

For a residence with a country or rustic feeling, you’ll want cabinetry that reflects a genuinely natural look to fit in with the rest of the interior. Distressed hickory or pine will produce an excellent look in a rustic-style kitchen. For a more polished appearance that still has a country feel to it, try cabinetry in a gorgeous oak.

Industrial Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve been contracted to design a kitchen for a home or condo with an industrial interior, you should consider a flat cabinet door design in a dark color for the best look. Choose a chic onyx or even a classy sable tone. Either one of these sophisticated looks will coordinate quite well with an industrial design and will highlight this trendy style to perfection.

Eclectic Kitchen Cabinets

Designing a diverse kitchen that incorporates several styles into one can often become a challenge. Select white cabinetry with a minimal design and then paint the cabinets in a bold color of your choice or use two different colors to add interest, such as one color for the lower cabinets and another for the upper cabinets.

The kitchen is usually the central gathering place of any home, so it should feel comfortable and look its best. When deciding on ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, you should opt for the highest quality product within your budget. Also, you should always select the style that matches the architecture and décor of the rest of the home. Choosing timeless designs and colors will create a fabulous kitchen interior that everyone will admire.