If you’re a designer searching for ideas or inspiration on how to better create a custom appearance for a kitchen, one great solution is to look beyond the standard wooden cabinet fronts that you typically use in kitchen design. Though wood remains the most popular material for kitchen cabinet fronts, other fabulous choices do exist that will give your kitchen designs a more distinctive appearance.

Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets

To give any kitchen more depth, especially one with minimal square footage, you need to fool the eye. Glass cabinet fronts will do this, and they’re also a stunning-looking choice for a kitchen. The ability to see farther back into the cabinets will make the kitchen appear more open and spacious. Add lighting inside the cabinets to highlight the space even more. If you prefer a design with a sense of privacy, frosted glass is another excellent choice. Use frosted glass fronts for upper cabinetry and standard wood cabinet fronts elsewhere. This choice will coordinate exceptionally well with traditional décor.

Mesh Front Kitchen Cabinets

When you’re putting together a rustic or country kitchen, using mesh across the fronts of some of the cabinets will add interest and a distinctive look to your overall design. The lovely, crisscross style of the mesh will immediately draw the eye and elevate the look of the room. Use this durable mesh material on the upper cabinets and the cabinetry below the sink for a great-looking result. Choose white mesh for a softer look, black mesh for a bolder appearance, or bronze mesh for a more dramatic effect.

Acrylic Front Kitchen Cabinets

For a sleek contemporary or smooth ultra-modern appearance, acrylic fronts are a gorgeous option for kitchen cabinets. Because these cabinet fronts come in a variety of colors, you can create the perfect custom look for any kitchen. Choose a high gloss acrylic to make your design shine and stand out from the norm. Acrylic front kitchen cabinets look gorgeous in many types of residences, but they’re quite stunning in condos and townhouses especially. Select metal pulls and knobs in a finish that matches the faucet fixtures to complete the look.

Stainless Front Kitchen Cabinets

In an industrial-style kitchen layout, stainless steel cabinet fronts become an excellent choice and will showcase any industrial style to perfection. Paired with black stainless steel appliances, the durable and easy-to-clean cabinet fronts will add a touch of luxury to your design. Use stainless fronts on both the upper and lower cabinets for a seamless look. If you want the design to stand out even more than it does, go with a powder-coated color finish, other than the typical gray, that will coordinate best with the rest of the décor.

Wooden cabinet fronts make a beautiful choice when designing any kitchen. However, you should try to avoid falling into a rut where you are repeatedly delivering the same look and using the same materials. Other equally-beautiful materials are also available for designers to work with that will produce distinctive and custom-looking kitchen cabinetry.