The visual impact of any kitchen design will immediately produce an emotional reaction in a client. When you want to design an elegant kitchen that also looks warm and welcoming, try a Mediterranean style. This choice is one that is quite popular today. With a Mediterranean design, to achieve the luxurious look that you’ll want and one that a client will love, the right choice of kitchen cabinets is essential.

Choosing a Main Design for the Kitchen Cabinets

When you’re deciding on what type of cabinetry to use for the majority of the kitchen, a raised panel design will fit the Mediterranean style perfectly. Select a ready-to-assemble, arched top rail design that will add a look of Old World elegance to the kitchen. When selecting a color, soft , light color is your best choice. For example, a warm white will provide a classy appearance throughout the space.

Creating a Focal Point with the Kitchen Cabinets

To create a focal point in the kitchen design, select one specific area. For instance, you could choose either the island cabinetry or floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets as a place to add color. Cinnamon and sea green are two fabulous options for a Mediterranean kitchen. Color in one or more areas will add interest and style to the design. A splash of color will also make the kitchen appear as if it has more depth.

Hardware for the Kitchen Cabinets

With Mediterranean cabinetry, wrought iron is the perfect choice for knobs and pulls. You can opt for a classic, smooth design. Or you can select hardware with a more stylish look, such as knobs and handles with a basket-weave design. A cup cabinet pull in a wrought iron finish is also an excellent look for drawers.

Open Kitchen Cabinets

In one small area of the kitchen, open cabinetry or shelving is a fabulous look. This type of storage area can serve many purposes. Such a space can be used to store cooking oils and spices. Also, it’s usable as an area for live plants to incorporate the appearance of nature into the kitchen. This space would also create a handy area for cookbooks or even a convenient place for keeping large mixing bowls.

Features to Highlight Kitchen Cabinets

Lighting has become of the best ways to highlight cabinetry. For a unique look, try under cabinet lighting on the bottom cabinets all around the kitchen. Or you can merely add such lights around the base of the island. Pair this lighting with rustic brick flooring for a fabulous result. Consider wooden beams on the ceiling that match the cabinetry for a gorgeous, coordinated look. To enhance the wrought iron cabinet hardware, add pendant lighting with a matching wrought iron finish over the island.

A Mediterranean kitchen is a beautiful design style for almost any size of space. This warm and sophisticated look will appeal to a large number of clients. Starting with the right type of cabinetry is imperative. And then, adding to the design from there will produce an outcome that everyone will admire and want.