When you’re hired to design a country kitchen for a client, you’ll want to give them a cozy, rustic style while still maintaining modern convenience and functionality. From the wall color to the ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets to the flooring, and appliances, you should select the best quality items that will fit into your given budget.


For a light and airy look, chose a gorgeous white tile. White will make the area feel spacious and won’t distract from the décor. If your client wants a warmer feeling in their kitchen, try reclaimed wood for the flooring. Wooden floors will immediately set that rustic tone that many clients love.

Kitchen Cabinets

You’ll want to use a simple style for your RTA cabinets, such as a Shaker design for the best result. Choose a light-colored wood for a natural look or paint the cabinets a pastel color for more interest. Light yellow, green, or blue will look lovely and coordinate well in any country design.

Kitchen Island

For the island, choose a design that will make it the focal point of the room. If you’ve used a pastel color on the cabinetry, then go with white cabinets for the island. If you’ve used a light-color wood for the kitchen cabinetry, then choose a pastel color for the island cabinetry. Top the island with a butcher block countertop to highlight the country décor.

Open Shelving

If you have the wall space in the kitchen, include some open shelving made from barn board or reclaimed wood. The open shelves will draw the eye and serve as a spot to include cookbooks, spices, homemade jams, or even a place to grow herbs in pots that will fill the kitchen with fabulous aromas.


If possible, select gorgeous quartz countertops in a pristine white. Your client will appreciate the simplicity of maintaining quartz and will love how bright the white will make their kitchen look. Incorporate a large farmhouse sink in white or copper to enhance the country design to perfection.


For a country kitchen, choose a backsplash with lots of coordinating colors and intricate, textured design to add interest. Or you can go with a brick look that will add warmth and a ton of style. If your client wants a more subdued design, then white beadboard makes a fabulous choice.


You’ll want to choose the most up-to-date designs for great functionality while maintaining a country vibe. To do this, select white kitchen appliances. White is slowly making a comeback and offers versatility. This color won’t distract from the style of the kitchen and will make the area look clean and bright.


For the walls, you can go with white or off-white paint which will coordinate with any other colors that you decide to use in the room. Or if you’d prefer to design the room with color on the walls, then choose one shade darker than the tone you’re using for the kitchen cabinetry to create a sophisticated, country appearance that will impress everyone.

Wooden Beams

To complete the look, add wooden beams to the ceiling. Match the wood to your kitchen or island cabinetry to produce a stunning result. This feature will capture the attention of all who enter the area and can even make a kitchen feel more substantial because the wood will draw the eye upward.

Remodeling a kitchen so that it reflects a country design with modern functionality combines the beauty of rustic style with the convenience of today’s technology. Such a renovation will add enjoyment and value to your client’s home, which they’ll appreciate for years to come.