Types of Wood for Your Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets

When designing a craftsman kitchen, to represent the style best, you should choose sturdy wooden materials for the cabinetry. Quarter-sawn oak, with a beautiful golden color, remains a popular choice with designers. Other excellent options for craftsman kitchen cabinetry are hickory, maple, and cherry. Leave the wood natural or use a light stain to maintain the beauty of the grain. Natural-looking wood, as opposed to painted cabinetry, will showcase the style the most, and it will create a gorgeous base for your overall craftsman kitchen design.

The craftsman-style home originally became popular in the 1900s and is now a popular design style once again. The craftsman style look, comprised of simple lines and quality wooden materials, produces a warm and cozy atmosphere in a home. This style of design makes a fabulous choice when you want to create a kitchen that showcases natural wood and nature-inspired colors.

Door Styles for Your Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets

A fabulous choice of door style for craftsman kitchen cabinets is a frame-and-panel design. Both a flat or raised panel will look marvelous. For a truly classy look, choose an arched, raised door panel. Use this door design for the majority of the cabinetry. For the rest, you should include cabinets with glass-front doors. This style will look beautiful for corner cabinets or upper cabinetry across a back wall. Combing these two types of cabinet doors will also add a look of elegance to the kitchen while elevating the craftsman style appearance throughout the entire space.

Hardware for Your Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets

To finish up the look of your kitchen cabinets, you will need knobs, pulls, and hinges that match the craftsman style. Excellent choices for this hardware include brass, bronze, or even hammered copper. Opt for darker knobs and handles, instead of anything shiny, to maintain the craftsman look and style. Kitchen hardware with a heavy-duty, antique appearance will look gorgeous and fit the style best. These types of hinges, knobs, and pull handles also will create a sophisticated design statement that clients will immediately notice and admire.

Highlighting Your Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets

After installing the cabinetry, to make the cabinets stand out even more in your design, install wooden beams on the ceiling that coordinate with the wood of the cabinets. Next, choose nature-inspired colors for the rest of your design. Cream-colored walls and countertops will go perfectly with whatever type of wood you’ve chosen for the cabinetry. A light sage-colored backsplash will also blend well with most cabinetry. Another great addition is a wooden hood over the range. Lastly, hang lantern-style lighting over the island or peninsula for a fabulous look.

For the best craftsman-style kitchen designs, you need to start with quality cabinetry and hardware. High-end cabinetry will always result in a better overall appearance. Then add various, specialized features to showcase that cabinetry in the best light possible. By using your imagination and following these steps, you can produce a craftsman-style kitchen look that will become timeless.