White kitchen designs have become quite popular with clients in recent years. White helps make a kitchen look more spacious. White also has a very sleek and clean look. However, white often can appear too sterile if not appropriately designed. Many ways exist to enhance the beauty of a white kitchen though and truly make that white design pop.

Combine White Kitchen Cabinetry with a Bold Backsplash

If a client wants white cabinetry but is open to different colors elsewhere, you can make those white cabinets stand out with a bold choice for the backsplash. Try a dark blue tile for a dramatic look that will add depth to the entire space. To add a textured look to your design, installing a red brick backsplash is an excellent choice. You can also choose a multicolored backsplash in a smooth tile for a modern look or opt for a rough stone surface for a great traditional or transitional style.

Combine White Kitchen Cabinetry with a Light Color of Wood

Many designers will choose dark wood to combine with white cabinets. However, a light wood color will also produce an elegant result and will keep the design bright and airy looking. Choose butcher block countertops for the entire kitchen or even just for the island. A light oak, maple, or hickory will coordinate well with the white cabinetry. You can select the same color for overhead beams to add depth and draw everyone’s attention upward, which will make the entire kitchen feel more spacious.

Combine White Kitchen Cabinetry with Non-Neutral Wall Paint

So many white kitchen designs include neutral paint for the walls. With a neutral wall color, the cabinetry and walls often blend in which each other. You can make those white cabinets pop by selecting a bolder hue. Since open wall space in a kitchen is usually minimal, don’t be afraid to choose a dark color such as navy or dark brown for a stunning look. If that feels too bold and you want something a bit more serene for the kitchen, you can opt for a lighter non-neutral shade, such as a pale yellow, green, or even apricot for an exceptional result.

Combine White Kitchen Cabinetry with Bold Hardware

Another great way to make white cabinets pop is with your choice of hardware. Instead of white, chrome or nickel, try brushed gold pulls and knobs for a stylish look. Or you can use polished brass to give the kitchen a look of sophistication. For an even bolder statement, you can opt for multicolored drawer knobs and cabinet handles. You can also combine different hardware finishes for a truly custom look by using one style for the majority of the white cabinetry and another for the island or pantry area.


A white kitchen doesn’t have to look lackluster. Infuse color, depth, and texture where you can. All of these design options will emphasize the beauty of the cabinetry. With white cabinets, you have an almost unlimited number of ways highlight that cabinetry and create a gorgeous, distinctive design.