Trendy Kitchen Design

The kitchen has long been a gathering place for family and friends, so it only makes sense for it to undergo changes in its design as families grow larger or smaller. In all honesty, the basic purpose of the kitchen remains the same, while its design undergoes transformations that upgrade its appearance and functionality. Here is a look at the hottest kitchen design trends for the upcoming year.

White and/or Pale Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Chosen for the uplifting spirit of its brightness, white and pale grey coloring remain timeless inclusions in the kitchen. Whether you choose one or you combine these two hues together, you are sure to create a spectacular look that delivers modern appeal. The brightness of these colors is easily offset simply by incorporating darker hues into your kitchen’s scheme through flooring, lighting fixtures, molding, and trim.

Fewer Cabinets

While traditionalists still prefer a wall of cabinets in the kitchen, modern trends are taking a gentle turn to a streamlined appearance with an open theme. Kitchen cabinets are being relegated to the lower half of the kitchen wall, while the uppermost portion remains fully open. Not only does this type of styling open the kitchen up to create a more spacious appearance, but it also promotes the use of countertops for food preparation and storage.

Stone Countertops

Whether you choose a natural stone such as granite or an engineered option such as quartz, your countertops are going to fit right in with current kitchen trends. Stone counters never seem to go out of style, so you can’t go wrong in choosing your upgrade from the many choices you have in stone, including the popular choices of marble, granite, and quartz. Of course, other options exist for kitchen countertops, including the less popular choices of limestone, slate, and soapstone.

Accessible Styling

Incorporating accessibility into your kitchen design opens up the possibility to enjoy the room without any of the stress associated with older, poorly designed eating and cooking areas. Modern trends in kitchen cabinetry embrace the idea of using every inch of available space in order to optimize the functionality of the kitchen. Organization is a big factor in modern trends, making the kitchen easier and more friendly to use.

Ceramic and Hardwood

Obvious choices for today’s trendy kitchen floors seem to center on ceramic tiles and hardwood. The choice is truly a personal one, as both seem to be equally popular at the moment.

Gray Appliances

Gone are the days when avocado green and autumn gold were the hottest colors on the market for kitchen appliances. Today’s selection continues to focus on stainless steel in grey tones. Nonetheless, today’s kitchen designers are opting for an occasional detour from modern grey hues in order to bring in a single touch of color through the inclusion of a range or microwave in a bold shade of red or steely blue.

Modern kitchens embrace popular trends appearing in other areas of the home. From hardwood floors to streamlined designs, today’s kitchens are appealingly bright in coloring and streamlined in styling. Natural stone and stainless steel continue to remain popular as choices, no matter what size the kitchen is. Of course, functionality and ease-of-use are two of the most critical features in kitchen remodels today.