For many contractors, remodeling the kitchen means updating the cabinetry. Some will choose to install the exact same configuration of cabinets in the home and simply change the color or style for aesthetic benefits. Others, however, will improve the functionality and storage of the kitchen by choosing cabinetry that is more ideal for organization. If you want to make the most out of your kitchen remodeling project, you may want to update your client’s kitchen cabinetry with organization in mind, and you can do so by following a few easy steps.

Think About the Ideal Organizational Arrangement

To improve the organization of the kitchen through new cabinets, you first need to consider the issues with current kitchen cabinets. Some cabinets may be overflowing, such as those Tupperware or glasses cabinets. Others may be only partially full, such as the cabinet with plates and bowls. Ideally, you will have ample space for all utensils, cookware and dinnerware as well as other items your clients want to store in the space, such as spices and other items. Think about how much space needed for each category of items they want to store together so that a new arrangement can be made. Keep in mind that adjusting the size of cabinets may be possible without adjusting the configuration, or you may need to adjust the configuration so that your clients have more space for the items to be stored in the cabinets.

Incorporate Organizational Features in Your Design

In some cases, your clients may think that they do not have enough space in the kitchen for all of the cabinetry that they need. However, organizational features can help you to maximize the amount of available space that they have. For example, you can use pullout shelves in cabinets to make use of all available space in cabinets. You can also use a lazy Susan feature in corner cabinets so that they make better use of this inconveniently-shaped space. You may also use organizational features in drawers to help you make the most use of this space. These are only some of the organizational ideas that you can use in your newly remodeled kitchen.

A kitchen may be one of the most used rooms in the home, so you understandably want it to be functional. By adjusting the size, configuration and organizational features in the kitchen, you can more easily maximize the space and improve functionality.