One of the more popular types of renovations requested by clients today involves the kitchen. When a client wants a custom look for a kitchen that is both sophisticated and dramatic, more than one technique exists to achieve this outcome. A great way you can create such a design is to use gorgeous cabinetry as the foundation of the look, create a focal point with the cabinetry, and then surround that cabinetry with coordinating feature pieces.

Luxurious Kitchen Cabinetry

One example of a way to create a luxurious kitchen design is to opt for dark wood cabinetry. Dark wood will always give an expensive and classy impression in a kitchen, regardless of its size. Espresso is one marvelous and rich-looking color choice for cabinetry. Choose a lovely Shaker design or even a slab style for an ultra-modern appearance. To add elegance and an even more luxurious look to the design, choose brushed gold hardware for the cabinetry. Straight pull bars and mushroom-shaped knobs in gold will embellish the dark wood to perfection. To keep the kitchen from appearing too dark, you can include under-cabinet lighting beneath specific cabinets or under all of the upper cabinetry throughout the kitchen.

One Focal Kitchen Cabinet

Every room needs a focal point or architectural feature to make it feel more inviting. To add this type of custom look to your kitchen design, choose an area in the kitchen to install a dramatic, floor-to-ceiling cabinet with a clear glass front and multiple shelves to display crystal, wine bottles, or other items. Include lighting inside the cabinet to illuminate the interior and its contents. Alternatively, you can use a beautiful etched glass front, without the extra light, and use this cabinet as a pantry. With a gorgeous glass front that spans multiple feet, either one of these design choices will turn this cabinet into the focal point of the kitchen. Such a stunning design will immediately draw the attention and admiration of everyone who sees it.

Coordinating Kitchen Features

If you want to highlight the dark cabinetry in your design even more, especially in a smaller kitchen, a great way to do this is with recessed lighting. The light streaming down against the dark wood and gold hardware will create a dramatic appearance. To make the cabinetry look even more striking, install cream-colored, granite countertops or white marble with a matching backsplash. A multi-colored slate floor that incorporates both the light and dark colors will coordinate well. The wall and ceiling paint should be light in color. White, off-white, and even a pale shade of beige are all excellent color choices. Two or three crystal pendants hanging over the island will complete the kitchen’s sophisticated appearance.


When planning a kitchen design, remember that the cabinetry is the foundation that holds the entire look together. You can add richness and depth to the layout by selecting the right wood, colors, and styles. Coordinate everything else around the cabinetry, and you’ll create kitchen designs that clients will be clamoring for and will want to contract.