When a client wants a kitchen design that doesn’t overtly display modern conveniences, but they still want access to those modern conveniences, it can present quite the design challenge. However, by using cabinetry, you can create a design that will offer the client everything they want and in a style that they will love.

3 Modern Kitchen Appliances You Can Hide with Cabinetry

Refrigerator– The largest appliance in a kitchen is the refrigerator. You can hide this appliance behind grand wooden doors, so it looks like a gorgeous cabinet. The design can be one door for the main compartment with one or two freezer drawers below. Or you can create a side-by-side design for the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Use the same type of cabinetry and hardware, so it all blends in with the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Dishwasher– The dishwasher is another appliance that you can successfully hide with cabinetry. You can design a one-panel, pull-down door with a handle. Or to conceal the dishwasher even better, you can create a cabinet door with a fake drawer on top, where the entire thing pulls open by the drawer’s knob or handle. With matching wood, no one will be able to tell the dishwasher is even there.

Microwave– You can hide a microwave oven behind almost any type of cabinet in the kitchen. You can place it behind a standard door that opens to the side, behind a double-door cabinet, behind cabinetry where the door lifts and slides away atop the oven, or merely behind a slab door that raises in a European style. Design a spot close to the stove for convenience to warm up items or tuck it away in the kitchen island, so it doesn’t take up valuable space elsewhere.

3 Special Kitchen Features You Can Hide with Cabinetry

Trash Receptacles– Nobody likes displaying their waste. The client can place a trashcan under the sink, but that doesn’t provide space for a large container. A fabulous solution is to design one or more trash receptacles hidden behind cabinetry. A roll-out cabinet that will hold a standard-size trash receptacle, and a second one for recyclables if there’s space, will look great and function well in any kitchen design.

Spice Rack– One or more sliding space racks, hidden behind gorgeous cabinetry, will make use of those odd spaces that are too small to store regular kitchen items. You never want to waste space in any design, so utilizing such an area with a sliding rack will provide a functional space where someone can store spices or other small bottles.

Sink-Front Storage– Another great feature that you can hide behind cabinetry is a pop-out, sink-front storage area. On the front of the sink, you can design what looks like a non-functioning drawer. However, the drawer pops open and contains a plastic insert where a client can store a sponge or scrubber brush or other small items in a convenient and easy-to-access area.

With the proper use of cabinetry, you can create a beautiful kitchen, with a seamless flow, where the appliances don’t mar the lines of the design. Hiding kitchen appliances and features will work well in modern, rustic, and even Old World kitchen designs. When you conceal items using quality cabinetry, you’ll create a kitchen design that will awe and inspire everyone.