White kitchens are continually growing in popularity. However, with this type of design, you also need ways to keep the white from appearing too sterile, while still maintaining its clean, sleek look. Various methods exist to warm up a white kitchen design. One fabulous way to warm up the look is with a “wow” or white-over-wood design.


To start, decide on a lovely butcher block for the countertops. A wide range of looks is available from light to dark, depending on how much contrast you want against the rest of your design, which will primarily be in white. For example, you can choose a dark walnut butcher block for maximum contrast or opt for a white oak for a more minimal contrasting look. You can also vary the look by choosing a matte, low gloss, or high gloss finish for the countertops.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Over your butcher block countertops, install fabulous white cabinets in your preferred style such as Shaker, flat-panel, or a raised-panel design. This white-over-wood look will make the kitchen design pop. Use the same design for the lower cabinets. Select white knobs and pull handles for a clean appearance throughout the kitchen or opt for matching wood hardware to highlight the butcher block even more. To add a bit of sophistication, go with brushed gold hardware and select faucet features to match.

Island Cabinetry

For the cabinetry of the kitchen island, select a wood that will blend well with the butcher block countertop. You can use the same wood for a look that coordinates completely. Or you can choose one of the colors in the butcher block and stain the island cabinetry that particular color to produce a beautiful, coordinating result. For example, select one of the darker hues in the butcher block countertop to use for the cabinetry to create a dramatic contrast among the white. The island will then become a distinctive feature and a focal point in the kitchen.

Island Top

Create rounded edges that will set the island apart from most standard looks. You can also create a two-tiered look that separates the prep area from the seating area. For a distinctive appearance, choose a different top for each tiers, such as butcher block for the prep area and white marble or granite with minimal veining for the seating area.

Flooring and Paint

To keep the white theme in the kitchen design prevalent, you’ll want to go with white paint for the walls. Select a hue that’s one shade off from the cabinetry so the kitchen cabinets will stand out against the walls. Also, select a beautiful light colored hardwood for the flooring. Choose a floor design that coordinates with the kitchen island top for the best-looking result. You can also choose a white tile that looks like wood for a more contemporary look.

With a little imagination, you can design a white-over-wood, “wow” look that will impress and please any client. Because this type of design gives a kitchen a stunning appearance that will stay in style for many years to come, clients will get an excellent return on their investment.