Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets offer extensive benefits over custom built ones.

As a remodeling contractor in Atlanta, you will be better off using RTA cabinets in your projects. They are less expensive and faster to ship than custom built ones and can provide you greater control over the project than assembled ones.

Ultra-Compact Because It’s Flat Packed

The unassembled components of RTA cabinets are flat packed. This means that you can store the pieces on site and without sacrifice space.

This also allows your clients to continue using the space during the project. They don’t have to be stored onsite, you can store your cabinets from ROC in a warehouse, garage, or even your working van. So you still have access to your cabinets when you need them, without having a bunch of cabinets sitting in your client’s kitchen.

When you are finally ready to assemble the cabinets, you can do so at your own pace, to match the flow and needs of the project. This is a crucial element of remodeling – as unpredictable scenarios arise mid-work that need attention.

It is also not ideal to wait months to receive a cabinet order, which is how shipping custom assembled cabinets usually work

Ultra-Compact for Lower Pricing

The compact nature of RTA cabinets makes the shipping cost lower, results in more profit margin for you.

More Control Over Your Project

Delivering quality products is important for your reputation. But, it can be difficult when they’re pre-assembled by other companies. By using RTA Cabinets from ROC, you can control the assembling process yourself, and ensure the quality meet your own standard.

Our cabinets are particularly constructed for ease of assembly, which also save your time.

We ship our cabinets to you within days, so you can work on the project as soon as possible.

As a contractor, you are the artist of the space you are working on. Do not give away your creative control by purchasing something pre-assembled. Take pride and ownership over the space.